How To Become A Professional Web Developer

Nikola Tesla

Course Details


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL


  • HTML Structure
  • HTML Tags
  • CSS Structure
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • Display Properties
  • CSS Selectors
  • Colors assigning ways
  • Background Properties
  • CSS Animation and Transition
  • Transform Properties
  • Before after
  • Margin padding
  • Border
  • Font awesome
  • Images
  • Box/Text shadow
  • CSS Positions
  • CSS Gradients
  • Typography
  • Pseudo Classes & Elements
  • Target
  • Audio/Video/Iframe/Image
  • Box model
  • HMTL Entities,
  • Specificity
  • Google map
  • Google fonts
  • Web Font Units
  • CSS Filter
  • Parallax Effect
  • Font Awesome
  • Bootstrap Structure
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Introduction of JavaScript
  • CRUD Operation with PHP


Teacher: Hammad Dilawar
Duration: 3 Months
Timing: 00:00 (Mon - Thur)

Our Mission

Our mission is provisioning of tools and resources to our students to learn new IT techniques and help the IT industry of Pakistan to reach new highs, For augmenting their technical capabilities that lead to significant ascend in their performance in career place all backed by Contemporary Teaching Methodologies, Competitive Pricing, and highest grades of Customer Service!

Blank Slate Principle

As an IT institute BlankSlate Wants to contribute for the IT industry of Pakistan. And involved in the development of current and future IT Experts. We declare our willingness to progress in the implementation, within our institution, of the following Principles, starting with those that are more relevant to our capacities and mission.

Key of Success

Training and education. Quality data and reporting. Management commitment, customer satisfaction. Staff Orientation. Role of the quality department. Communication to improve quality, and. Continuous improvement.